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Lots to do, always....in real estate

I don't know where all the time goes. I keep intending to update a bunch of statistics here and the next thing I know, I'm out the door. 

It may seem quite straight-forward to be a Realtor, but truly, it isn't. Right now I am juggling a whole bunch of different issues for my sellers and mostly they think that almost anything might fall into the category of being my job. Think about the houses that aren't in great condition and need to be worked on in order to sell. The owners are out of the area, and much as you try to give them references of contractors to call, in the end it is you...the Realtor....who has to check on progress and report. If those sellers are slow to pay or have stopped communicating then it is you who needs to track them down and make sure that the contractor gets paid.

There are the lots that don't have surveys and haven't been perked. If there is a prayer of them selling then this work has to be done. Just recently I had an application basically put on hold because the Health Department found that the brush was too thick to be able to do good soil samples. And this we got back after I called in a favor from a friend (a retired surveyor) who went down to the lot machete in hand and cut a path into the house site and cut the house site out so that it could be seen. The people who own this lot really don't have money to do the work that is necessary to get it sold. I can't call in any further faovrs. They have to work out what they can and can not do....hopefully they will pull together funds to get a small area bush-hogged (if the scrub trees can be taken down that way) and in early fall we can try again. This is just the "little" on the side sort of stuff. It has nothing to do with the day-to-day of checking on listings, putting up signs, organizing advertising, tracking financial aspects, calling clients to let them know whatever progress, or lack thereof, has been going on. Yes, this can be a 24/7 sort of job....it is challenging. 

In addition to selling property we have buyers who come to us for assistance. Yesterday I showed property for quite a while. We had a good time and I always enjoy orienting people to the basics of the Northern Neck. Without a Realtor you could drive around for days and not quite see how things hook up...how the different towns offer different opportunities. How living in one area precludes certain things because of the distance you'd need to travel. There really is no substitute for someone who can tell you a short cut that will take ten minutes off a 40 minute drive and therefore make that destination (whatever it is) perhaps within the realm of reason.

We had lunch yesterday....late....and at The Daily. I wanted my clients to find out what a great place this is for lunch (and breakfast too), and so we snuck in at around 2:30 and were pretty much out the door at 3 when they were ready to close. The food was great!

As it was I was meeting a friend yesterday evening at the Westmoreland County Museum for their opening and then we intended to have dinner at the Inn at Montross. Unfortunately the Inn was closed for dinner because of a problem with their refrigeration system, but we went on over to Angelo's so that we could visit together. That place was rocking. There were people and people and more people and the kids who are out there serving dinners were moving fast.

In my spare time I've been thinking a lot about the Fones Cliffs controversy. Last week there was a meeting to discuss what they are trying to do....get the parcel rezoned for somewhere around 700 units...some being houses and some being town houses. The problem I see with it other than the myriad ones such as roads, schools, fire department, environmental, access to the water from up on the cliffs, etc. and the list just does go on and on, is that that isn't the kind of life style that most people are drawn to when coming to the Northern Neck. In my experience people are not coming here to live in a townhouse (most of the time) and also they don't want to be in a development with hundreds of other people. This destination is much more about having a bit of room and easy access to the water....hopefully your own waterfront, or if not, well one that is shared with at most a couple of dozen other parties. Time will tell how this sorts out. I just hope that the owner/developer isn't going through this process only to up the value of the property for potential resale and not for any real sort of development. It seems they don't understand our market really.....oh well. 

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